McNeilus logoThred Taper Customer:
McNeilus Trucking
Bob Jensen, Production Supervisor

McNeilus Trucking has been using the Thred Taper automatic PTFE tape machine for the past 12 years. Prior to using Thred Taper, McNeilus Trucking was actively searching for another way wrap their fittings with PTFE tape – other than manually or by using pipe dope. After switching to the Thred Taper automatic PTFE tape machine, McNeilus Trucking discovered that it took them less than a quarter of the time it took to wrap fittings with PTFE tape by hand or to use pipe dope.

Today, McNeilus Trucking typically double wraps approximately 500 fittings per week with PTFE tape. Bob Jensen, Production Supervisor, is equally impressed with the excellent sales and technical service he has experienced over the years with Thred Taper personnel. Whenever he needs answers, Bob reports that he receives knowledgeable, friendly service in a timely manner.

Overall, the Thred Taper automatic PTFE tape machine has had a positive impact on McNeilus Trucking’s production operation. Since switching to Thred Taper and automating their PTFE tape-wrapping operation, McNeilus Trucking has been able to save the time equivalent of approximately one person per month (or a total of over 2,000 hours per year) and over $40,000 annually. “The quality that this machine achieves is excellent,” reports Bob. “As long as the machine is properly adjusted, there is typically no chance of a mistake happening.”

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