PTFE Tape Specifications

Our commercial grade PTFE tape is ideal for wrapping a variety of fittings in a variety of industries, and is available in multiple colors. For questions regarding any of the specifications listed below, please call 216.464.6440 or 1.800.846.SEAL toll-free to speak with an experienced sales representative.

Color:Natural (white) non-pigmented
Purity:99.9% minimum virgin PTFE
Width Tolerance:+/- 0.0118"
Thickness Tolerance:0.0033” +/- 0.0003"
Roll Length Tolerance:+/- 3.5%
Specific Gravity (density):1.40 g/cc min.
(Full Density)
Tensile (longitudinal):700 PSI min.
1900 PSI max.
Elongation (longitudinal):75% min.
Shelf Life:Indefinite

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