Thred Taper, The World’s Only Automatic PTFE Taping Machine

Thred Taper machine
Increasing productivity while saving money with the Thred Taper Automatic PTFE Tape Machine. Our measured PTFE tape dispenser automatically applies PTFE tape to most fittings in about 3 seconds, saving you as much as 500% on your PTFE taping costs.

For OEMs, our tape wrapping machine virtually eliminates all product failures due to leaks. The tape wrapping machine also allows suppliers to offer the value-added feature of pre-wrapped fittings with PTFE tape for hassle-free assembly.

Most important, our compact, easy-to-use machine provides quality and consistency unmatched by hand-wrapping.

How Much Can You Save?

Thred Taper Features and Benefits

Wrapped brass valve

Tape Wrapping Machine Advantages

  • Machine can apply 1 – 4 wraps using any of our four different widths of PTFE tape
  • Machine can wrap American Tapered, British Straight or Metric Threads

Improved Quality

  • Virtually eliminates all leaks
  • Increases component reliability
  • Maintains consistent set back from fitting end to prevent shredding of PTFE tape into critical systems
  • Runs PTFE tape deep into thread root to ensure proper sealing of pipes, fittings, valves, and other threaded parts
  • Ensures superior bond which will not unwrap during storage or shipping
  • Eliminates reverse wrapping, a common cause of leaks with hand-wrapped fittings

Reduced Cost

  • Automatic PTFE tape machine increases efficiency and reduces labor costs by wrapping parts in about 3 seconds compared to an approximate 30 seconds per part when hand wrapping
  • Measured PTFE tape dispenser reduces tape usage and waste by using the proper amount of PTFE tape and controlling the number of wraps
Bin of wrapped parts

Need PTFE Thred Tape Refills?

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