Industries Served

Thred Tape can provide the above mentioned benefits for many industries. Call us today at 1.800.846.SEAL to speak with an experienced sales representative about using PTFE tape for your application.

Washer & Dryer appliances


Appliance OEMs, whose assembly process requires threading fittings and connections, use Thred Tape to ensure their customers receive a quality seal that will not fail during normal use. From dishwashers and washing machines, to humidifiers, air compressors and car washes, Thred Tape provides unmatched value.
Fire sprinkler head

Fire Protection

Avoid leaking sprinkler systems and you avoid thousands of dollars in damage to ceilings, floors, furnishings and other valuables. Thred Tape is ideal for preventing leaks in the connections and fittings of sprinkler system pipes and corrosion prevention systems, and can become a valuable part of your quality management program.
Farming Pivot

Fluid Control

High quality, precision parts used in fluid control systems often require sealants to be applied in a specific location. Our Thred Taper machine can provide that specificity and meet your parts requirements more efficiently than hand wrapping.

Our Thred Tape is also ideal for preventing leaks in hydraulic equipment, such as farming pivots and hydraulic hose systems.

Coffee machine

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage OEMs, manufacturing products such as coffee makers and beverage dispensing equipment, use Thred Tape to ensure leak-free products for their customers.
Liquid propane containers

Liquid Propane Gas

Cylinder and valve manufacturers in the liquid propane gas industry use Thred Tape to ensure proper, leak free seals, thus ensuring safety for all new and recertified products.
Respirator and other medical equipment

Medical Equipment

Thred Tape is the ideal sealant to prevent leaks from unwanted fluids, providing hospital and medical care facility equipment with a much cleaner, extended service life. Unlike liquid sealants, Thred Tape will not degrade or break down to contaminate medical systems that cannot afford downtime. Thred Tape is approved for use in oxygen systems and equipment.
Basement water heater

Water Filtration and Heaters (HVAC)

Manufacturers of reverse osmosis equipment, water filtration systems, desalination equipment, water heaters, water tanks, and water softeners use Thred Tape to ensure a reliable thread seal and prevention of leaks.
Grocery store produce being watered

Water Irrigation

We know that leak free systems in products such as farming equipment are vital to proper and even irrigation. Leak free systems in products such as grocery store produce misters and other cooling systems are also vital to business operations. Thred Tape provides a reliable, leak-free seal, getting the water where it needs to go.

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