Thread seal tape plays a huge role in many applications using tapered pipe threads and various fittings. It provides an extra layer of effective coverage that seals off high-pressure water, gas, and air in different settings. 

Applying thread seal tape can be done manually by hand. However, choosing to use a thread seal tape applicator could prove to be very beneficial. 

1. Boost Productivity

Wrapping thread seal tape can be time-consuming. You have to make sure you have it placed perfectly – and held tightly – before you pull and wrap. It needs to be done without any slack so that the tape adheres to the threads and will be able to attach securely to the female fitting. 

Despite the level of experience, this process can be time-consuming and can put a damper on your production levels. 

Investing in a thread seal tape applicator allows you to have the perfect wrap every time – without having to do the work. The machine takes care of it almost instantly, allowing you to wrap more fittings in a much shorter amount of time. Thus, boosting productivity.

2. Save Money

If you took away the time you spent manually threading fittings, what else could you do? In the world of business, time is money. Working efficiently and finding ways of streamlining processes can boost productivity and open you up for additional projects. In other words, you can save money – or make some more.

Spending the initial cost to purchase a thread seal tape applicator can quickly be recovered.

3. Eliminate Failures

Failures happen. Though smart business is about finding ways to avoid them as much as possible. 

When manually applying thread seal tape, we always have to account for some form of human error. For instance, the improper placement of tape can cause issues like leaks and contamination. The tape not driven to the root or bottom of the threads can cause problems at assembly with the mating part, or cause slippage where the tape comes off the part. And if it doesn’t get wrapped properly, it is time-consuming to remove the tape and start again. 

With a thread seal tape applicator, all these worries are gone. You get a perfectly wrapped fitting every time.

4. Create Pre-Wrapped Fittings

Imagine being able to offer pre-wrapped fittings to your customers. The idea of doing so by wrapping manually just wouldn’t make sense. But, as previously discussed, with a thread seal tape applicator, you can create a high volume of wrapped threads in much less time. 

The result? 

You have an additional product to offer that customers will find valuable – and will surely keep in demand.

5. Gain Quality and Consistency

Speaking of a perfectly wrapped fitting, quality and consistency are important – especially if you are a supplier. Your customers purchase your pre-wrapped fittings and they expect that they will all work and be effective. 

Manual wrapping is very inconsistent and can easily get wrapped in the wrong direction. A thread seal tape applicator gets you a perfect pre-wrapped fitting that is repeated with each fitting. It always applies the tape in the proper direction for right-handed threads. This is something that customers can count on from one order to the next. 

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Ready to take advantage of all these benefits? Your business can thrive when you invest in tools that can increase productivity and help you save money. After all, it is the perfect scenario for a healthy bottom line. And, Thred Taper is just what you need to get there. 

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