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Thred Taper™ is the World's Only
Automatic PTFE Taping Machine.

If you're currently wrapping threaded parts with PTFE tape by hand or using messy liquid pipe sealant, it can be costly and imprecise. With the Thred Taper automatic PTFE taping machine, you can always be assured a perfect wrap of PTFE tape at the least amount of cost.

The Thred Taper Automatic PTFE Tape Machine can help you improve quality and increase productivity while saving money. The Thred Taper's measured PTFE tape dispenser automatically applies PTFE tape to most fittings in about 3 seconds, saving you as much as 500% on your taping costs.

For OEMs, it virtually eliminates product failure due to leaks. For suppliers, you can offer the value-added feature of fittings pre-wrapped with PTFE tape for hassle-free assembly. In addition, this compact, easy-to-use machine allows for quality and consistency that is unmatched by hand wrapping.

Find out how Thred Taper, the world's only automatic PTFE tape machine can do the same for you.
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Thred Taper™ Testimonials:

Thred Taper has saved us

over 2,000 man-hours a year




Bob Jensen, Production Supervisor,
McNeilus Trucking

Thred Taper™ Benefits Include:

  • Improves quality vs. hand wrapping

  • Reduces cost of PTFE taping costs up to 500%

  • Wraps fittings pipes, valves, gauges and other threaded parts
    with PTFE tape in about 3 seconds

  • Increases component reliability with high quality PTFE tape.

Thred Taper™ FAQs:

We use conventional PTFE tape for thread sealing. Why is Thred Tape better than standard pipe tape or plumbing tape?

Standard PTFE tape is only 2 mil thick, and can often require you to use much more tape than you actually need to create a positive seal. Thred Tape, on the other hand, comes standard with a 3.5 mil thickness, which means you use less PTFE tape when wrapping valves, pipes, gauges, fittings and other threaded parts.

What types of fittings does the Thred Taper M7000 and 8300 Automatic PTFE Taping Machine wrap?

Thred Taper M7000 can automatically wrap virtually any threaded male connection (metal or plastic) from 1/8” – 3/4” NPT with a perfect wrap of PTFE tape. Thred Taper 8300 can wrap fittings up to 2” in size with PTFE tape. Both models of Thred Taper can wrap American Tapered, British Straight and Metric threads.

How does Thred Taper’s automatic PTFE tape dispenser prevent tape contamination into critical systems?

By maintaining a consistent “set back” from the fitting end, Thred Taper prevents the shredding of PTFE tape for thread sealing into critical gas or chemical systems. Automatic PTFE tape application also ensures a higher quality wrap by running the tape deep into the thread root for proper sealing. This superior bond ensures that the PTFE tape will not unwrap during storage or shipping.

The ThredTaper Automatic Tape Machine Wraps PTFE TapePlace The Fitting.
Carefully place the fitting onto The Thred Taper applicator.



The ThredTaper Automatic Tape Machine Wraps PTFE Tape On Fittings, Valves and Other Threaded PartsWrap The Fitting.
Thred Taper will wrap the fitting with the right amount of PTFE tape in about 3 seconds.


The ThredTaper Automatic Tape Machine Creates Perfectly Wrapped PTFE Tape FittingsUse The Fitting.
Dependable, leak-free service! The fitting is ready for use.

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See for yourself how quickly and easily
Thred Taper can help you improve efficiency.

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Thred Taper perfectly wrapped pipe thread fitting.


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