Save Time, Save Money &
Wrap Parts More Consistently

Thred Taper is the World’s Only
Automatic PTFE Taping Machine.

If you’re currently wrapping threaded parts with PTFE tape by hand or using messy liquid pipe sealant, it can be costly and imprecise. With the Thred Taper automatic PTFE taping machine, you can always be assured a perfect wrap of PTFE tape at the least amount of cost.

The Thred Taper Automatic PTFE Tape Machine can help you improve quality and increase productivity while saving money. The Thred Taper’s measured PTFE tape dispenser automatically applies PTFE tape to most fittings in about 3 seconds, saving you as much as 500% on your taping costs.

For OEMs, it virtually eliminates product failure due to leaks. For suppliers, you can offer the value-added feature of fittings pre-wrapped with PTFE tape for hassle-free assembly. In addition, this compact, easy-to-use machine allows for quality and consistency that is unmatched by hand wrapping.

Stop Wrapping
Fittings by Hand!

Hand inserting an unwrapped fitting into the Thred Taper machine.

Place the Fitting

Carefully place the fitting onto The Thred Taper applicator.

Fitting being wrapped by the Thred Taper machine.

Wrap the Fitting

Thred Taper will wrap the fitting with the right amount of PTFE tape in about 3 seconds.

Hand holding a Thred Taper wrapped fitting.

Use the Fitting

Dependable, leak-free service! The fitting is ready for use.

Since switching to Thred Taper, we have saved a total of over 2,000 hours per year and over $40,000 annually.
Bob Jensen, Production Supervisor, McNeilus Trucking

The Thred Taper machine stopped about 50% of mistakes and increased efficiency by 75% overall.

Tim Zouck, Production Specialist, Zimmer Surgical

It gives me higher profitability for my business and allows me to better leverage my labor.
Adam Hilton, Product Engineering Manager, Engineering Corrosion Solutions

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