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Adam Hilton, Product Engineering Manager

When Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) needed to automate their system for wrapping fittings, Adam Hilton discovered the Thred Taper™ automatic PTFE taping machine and immediately ordered one. “The machine has allowed my business to cut down on production time significantly,” said Hilton, the ECS Product Engineering Manager. “We no longer have to manually tape fittings.”

Since they specialize in managing the risks associated with fire sprinkler systems, ECS uses PTFE tape to wrap threaded parts as a key step in their total quality management program. Wrapping mostly brass fittings, ranging from 1/8-in. to ½-in., Hilton was happy to see the time Thred Taper saved during a recent labor audit. He also discovered that key performance indicators (KPIs) for product throughput, quality and rework all improved greatly.

“It gives me higher profitability for my business and allows me to better leverage my labor.”

Adam Hilton
Product Engineering Manager

Thred Taper is the world’s only automatic PTFE tape wrapping solution that increases production speed, cuts costs and eliminates product failure caused by inconsistent hand wrapping. Applying PTFE tape to most fittings in seconds, the machine also can save as much as 500 percent on tape consumption.

Components wrapped by the Thred Taper machine provide a consistent seal that can be immediately pressure-tested. Using a thicker PTFE tape, the machine requires far less material than standard tape-wrapping processes. It also provides deeper application of tape into thread roots, resulting in a higher-quality seal. Thred Taper uses a carefully calibrated PTFE tape dispenser that reduces material usage and waste by precisely controlling the number of wraps per fitting. The dispenser applies various widths of PTFE tape to American Tapered, British Straight and Metric threads ranging from 1/8-in. to 2-in. NPT.

Extremely satisfied with the benefits Thred Taper has introduced to ECS’ and its employees, Hilton simply states, “It gives me higher profitability for my business and allows me to better leverage my labor because I don’t have hours and hours of labor consumed in hand wrapping parts.”

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