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Depended on by thousands of companies worldwide for over 50 years.

Are We Right for Each Other?

Let us help you transform your operations with Thred Taper.

Save Time

  • Wrap as many in an hour that a person can complete in a day.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces labor costs by wrapping parts in just a few seconds.

Save Money

  • Save as much as 500% on your taping costs.
  • Tape dispenser reduces tape usage and waste by using the proper amount of PTFE tape and controlling the number of wraps.

Improve Quality

  • Virtually eliminates all leaks.
  • Increases component reliability.
  • Ensures superior bond which will not unwrap during storage or shipping.
  • Eliminates reverse wrapping, a common cause of leaks with hand-wrapped fittings.

How It Works: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Place the Fitting

Carefully place the fitting onto The Thred Taper applicator.

Step 2. Wrap the Fitting

Thred Taper will wrap the fitting with the right amount of PTFE tape in about 3 seconds.

Step 3. Use the Fitting

Dependable, leak-free service! The fitting is ready for use.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Faster and Easier”

“The Thred Taper machine allows us to have workers wrap more quickly and effectively. Instead of a couple hours, it could only take 15 minutes to get parts taped. It’s noticeably faster, easier and we use substantially less tape.”

Tony Andrea

Production Manager, NINJA Paintball

“No Chance of a Mistake”

“The quality that this machine achieves is excellent. As long as the machine is properly adjusted, there is typically no chance of a mistake happening.”

Bob Jensen

Production Supervisor, McNeilus

“Wrapped 1,300 Parts in 4 Hours”

“We wrapped 1,300 parts in 4 hours, a feat that couldn’t have been accomplished without the Thred Taper machine.”

Rob Kernan

Custom Solutions Manager, Arthur Fluid Controls

“Increased Efficiency By 75%”

“We’re taping 300 brass and plastic fittings a day. The Thred Taper machine stopped about 50% of mistakes and increased efficiency by 75% overall. After 18 months, I ordered a second machine as a back-up. Hospitals have to have their equipment, and we can’t have the production line go down or resort to hand wrapping – it’s just too important.”

Tim Zouck

Production Specialist, Zimmer

“Higher Profitability”

“It gives me higher profitability for my business and allows me to better leverage my labor because I don’t have hours and hours of labor consumed in hand wrapping parts.”

Adam Hilton

Product Engineering Manager, ECS


“The Thred Taper automatic PTFE tape machine allows us to wrap approximately 533 parts per hour compared to only 300 by hand. And when you wrap close to 20,000 parts per month with PTFE tape, that kind of production time savings is invaluable.”

Gary Galauner

Manufacturing Engineer, Western

The World’s Only Automatic PTFE Taping Machine

If you’re currently wrapping threaded parts with PTFE tape by hand or using messy liquid pipe sealant, Thred Taper will save you time, money, and improve the quality of your work.